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    I'm researching my Grandfather who was a RASC Driver 1940-1945 (seeing active service in North Africa, Italy & Greece) & looking to increase my knowledge of his role.

    From information I have I know his units, country locations & that he appears to have driven a Bedford OYD. Can anyone provide information or sources where I can find out about the type of personal kit issued to Drivers. I'm particularly interested in what would be issued for service in the North African Desert.

    I would also be interested to know if RASC personnel were armed with personal weapons in active theatres & if so with what?

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    My father was also in the RASC but in NW Europe. I managed to obtain a book written by a veteran 'Run Away Somebody's Coming'. Other than the story of his war time experiences there is also lots of interesting information. Kit inventory, uniform and equipment, field logistics and vehicle technical information. Order the book from the author, Robert Houghton roberthoughton24@o2.co.uk. He sounds like a lovely gent and even signed the book in memory of my father.
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    toki 2,

    Thanks for your suggestion. I will be looking to contact the author in order to obtain a copy. It sounds like it could be a useful source of information that will help broaden my understanding.

    Many thanks & it's good to hear from a fellow ancestor of a RASC Waggoner : )
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    RASC drivers were certainly armed. They were trained to fight, and in N Africa often had to as the advances and retreats left everyone exposed. The rifle was the usual arm and it was carried on rifle clips in the cab. Later the Sten gun was issued but not in the N African Campaign.

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    Many thanks Mike - an interesting point. Never thought of the RASC Driver role in that context. My Grandfather was there during the final push in Tunisia from December 1942 & was there when Axis forces surrendered in May 1943.
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    If armed with a rifle, they would have had 1937 pattern webbing with Cartridge Carriers and, probably, no entrenching tool. If armed with a Sten, basic pouches would be worn instead of the cartridge carriers, though some photos of RASC men armed with rifles do show basic pouches anyway.

    Likelihood of webbing being worn? Minimal - it usually stayed in the lorry. It's more comfortable to drive without it and wasn't needed that often.
  7. Danny Boy

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    Fruitcake - interesting info about the use of 37 pattern webbing. I agree it's not likely to have been worn that much, particularly when driving. Thanks for your input.
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    My father was Driver Class 1 in the 18th FDS RASC in NW Europe from October 1944. Before I contact Robert about his book, would you know what Class 1 meant? Any information about the 18th Field Dressing Station would also be very appreciated.
    Many thanks.

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