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  1. Will Heard

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    I would be grateful for any information about Lt Colonel George Marshall 58846. Brief details as follows:
    1 RAOC COD Chilwell (Chetwynd Depot) 1939-1943
    2 Approx 1943 to 1945
    HQ staff 5th British Div
    No. 5 BOD MEF
    VOD Rangoon
    3 Approx 1945 to 1954
    OC Berlin (? 9 BAD MELF?)
    OC RAOC Derby
    OC RAOC Weedon (retired 1954)
    During 1943 to 1944 his postal address was RAOC RSZGH APO 4728 Do you know the location of this post office address?
    He was married to Hilda and had two daughters named Anne (Susan) (1946) and Diana (1949). Its a long shot that you know of his daughters but ultimately my aim is to try and trace them in the expectation that they will have photos of George.
    George died in 1968
    Thank you very much for any help.you can give.
    Will Heard
  2. travers1940

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    On Ancestry I can only see births of the daughters with matching mothers maiden name of PALMER in England & Wales. This matches with an online tree showing George & Hilda married in Notts in 1938.

    A group photo from the 1920's of the Palmer family is shown, but not one of George.

    The daughters details are shown as private.
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  4. Will Heard

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    Thank you very much Travers. I do have details of the births of the daughters but I will certainly follow up on Ancestry.com I used FindMyPast but I do not have much about the Palmer side and this may get me a route through to the Marshall daughters because I lose them once George dies and Hilda moves from Fareham address in 1973. The group photo sounds very interesting. Cheers. Will
  5. Will Heard

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    Thanks Gus
    I did have the SQMS info - he actually joined the Territorials in 1933 as a gunner then later into RAOC. - maybe saw the writing on the wall when Hitler came to power. Is there any way I can find out what he did to be mentioned in despatches? This is very interesting.
  6. gmyles

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    I have found it very difficult to establish any details on any MID I ever looked into.

    The war diary might mention it but normally says no more than which theatre they were in.

  7. Will Heard

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    Thanks Gus - I am waiting for some info from MOD (not full service records as I am not close family) - so may be some detail will be available.

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