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    AE34D91F-3D41-4B3E-92B0-DA784C4CF443.jpeg F75F2BF0-71E6-4387-B206-A74054AA3553.jpeg AE34D91F-3D41-4B3E-92B0-DA784C4CF443.jpeg F75F2BF0-71E6-4387-B206-A74054AA3553.jpeg firstly thankyou for letting me join.
    I’m trying to find out information concerning a soldier that served in el ballah
    And was awarded the gsm Palestine 1945-48
    Pte 14119214 Thomas E Dugdale,primary unit RAOC
    Secondary unit was 1st infantry Division Ordnance Field Park.
    I think he was from Newcastle England.
    Firstly what year did that block of numbers get used,also could someone tell me what possible awards he would have been entitled to and any information would be very welcome,love tried checking the RLC archive but nothing positive unfortunately.
    Kind regards
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    Welcome to the forum. I have numbered your queries for ease of response -

    1. You have posted an eight digit number which I understand were introduced 1947/48 and shared between Army/Navy and RAF.

    Prior to that date seven digit Army service numbers were in use 1920/42

    Army Number Block Allocations

    General Service Corps Service Numbers were in use 1942/47 - again 7 digits.

    As your man was serving prior or the introduction of the 8 digit numbering system he would have previously had a 7 digit number which will be shown on his service papers (or perhaps on the GSM roll available on Ancestry - depending on the date it was compiled).

    2. I presume you mean WW2 campaign medals? It will be impossible to answer without sight of his service record. His service record should be available from U.K. MOD via this link -

    Get a copy of military service records

    Good Luck

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    Hi Steve
    Thankyou for your input
    That is the number on the medal roll
    Also next to RAOC there’s a number two on the medal roll

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