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    It's possible Driver as the rank didn't appear until RASC became RCT. Some of the others may also have been a post-WW2 introduction, the one that definitely was not is Gunner.

    In WW2 there were also Warrant Officer Class 3 (WO3), in roles like Troop Sergeant Major in artillery.
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    Reminds me of a tale related by an airman in an aircrew role.He was a Corporal and after June 1940,the minimum rank was estsblished at Sergeant so the airman qualified for the Sergeant's Mess.

    The first time he entered the Sergeant Mess,he sat down in a chair and thought that others were observing him.After a while he was tapped on the shoulder by a person who he recognised as the SWO man (Station Warrant Officer...prime responsibility disciplinary matters) "You are sitting in my seat laddie" said the SWO man and the new Sergeant had to beat a retreat quickly, much to his embarassment.

    This particular SWO man, to all accounts was a character.When the station was attacked by the Luftwaffe on a daylight raid,a large bomb dropped on the square and blew off the RAF Ensign,the SWO man retrieved the Ensign,shinned up the flagpole,refitted it and the station continued to indicate its operational status.
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    I've seen 'Driver' shown on Royal Corps of Signals headstones which implies that it was a 'rank' there as well...and in the 1940 Divisional HQ RE establishment, there is reference to Drivers, Sappers and Pioneers, for instance - "9 X sapper - 16 X driver - Pioneer as medical officers orderly - 3 X pioneer as motorcyclist orderly - Pioneer as cook " - This implies that not all RE of the lowest rank were full 'Sappers' - as far as I can understand, pioneers did not have the same level of field engineering training.

    Complicated doesn't quite describe it.
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    Searching for some other things I just came across Army Counsil Instruction No. 1605 of 1942, referring to R.E.M.E. formation.
    In appendix C, a five columns' table shows the ranks in column 1 and the appointments for R.E.M.E., R.E., R.A.S.C. and R.A.O.C. in columns 2 to 5.
    I thought it might bring some clarification to several questions evolved in this thread.


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    This is what I've found my grandad is Dvr Furnie in the r.a.s.c 105 coy b e f x war diary. If anyone wants to tell me anything more about these then feel free. (I've only selected pages with names) image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg
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    Illustrated London News 06 January 1940
    Illustrated London News 06 January 1940-2.jpg

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    The Sphere 09 March 1940
    The Sphere 09 March 1940, 1.jpg

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    Interesting data especially the pay rates of those of Air Rank.

    There is an error apparent in the Royal Air Force 1940 commissioned ranks.

    No 10, "Flying Officer or Observer" would be the rank of Flying Officer only.Observers would be non commissioned as there was no provision for Observers to be commissioned until 4 April 1940. Observers would have the minimum rank of Corporal and a maximum rank of Sergeant, being the days before the minimum rank for aircrew was Sergeant from June 1940.

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