Rangoon Memorial - 153rd and 154th Gurkha Parachute Battalions - A Tribute

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    Formed between October 1941 and August 1943, both these Battalions went on to distinguish themselves during the offensive at Kohima and Imphal. In 1945, and re-named the 2nd and 3rd (Gurkha) Battalions, they took part in the capture of Rangoon on May 1st. Gurkha airborne units were disbanded in November 1946.
    note: 8 images attached (images 1-4 overlap and nos 6 & 7 via militaria sources)



    Gurkha 200 Brochure


    Tony Buckley :poppy: www.asiawargraves.com
    01. 153rd Gurkha Parachute Battalion, (Image 1of4), Rangoon Memorial, © asiawargraves.com.jpg 02. 153rd Gurkha Parachute Battalion, (Image 2of4), Rangoon Memorial  © asiawargraves.com.jpg 03. 153rd Gurkha Parachute Battalion, (Image 3of4), Rangoon Memorial © asiawargraves.com.jpg 04. 153rd Gurkha Parachute Battalion, (Image 4of4), Rangoon Memorial © asiawargraves.com.jpg 05. 154th Gurkha Parachute Battalion, Rangoon Memorial© asiawargraves.com.jpg 06. 153rd Gurkha Parachute Battalion Cloth Badge.jpg 07. 154th Gurkha Parachute Battalion Cloth Badge.JPG 08. Page 64, The Gurkhas- 200 Years of Service to the Crown- Major General J. C. Lawrence CBE.png
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    Thanks for posting Tony. The link to the 200th Anniversary brochure is fantastic. Just a pity it is not downloadable just yet.

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