RAMROD 753 on 19 APRIL 1944 to MALINES Marshalling area

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    I am trying to reconstruct the live of Arnost MRTVY, a Czech pilot from 313 RAF Squadron who died in Belgium on 19.04.1944.
    On that day, he was escorting B-26 bombers during a mission on the Malines Marshalling area which has been executed by bombers of 322 BG(M), 387 BG (M) and 394 BG (M) which is being refered to as RAMROD 753. I do not know if RAMROD 753 refers to Malines only, because B26.com reveals that at that same day Hasselt and Namur were targeted as well.
    Help offered told me that 80 Spitfires IX 302, 308, 310, 312, 313, 442, 443 carried out close escort to three formations of Marauders attacking Malines
    So far, the only Operational Records reference on Ramrod 753 tells me that 7 Spitfires from 302 Polish Sqn flew to Bradwell Bay. Whether that was to link up with a Sqn or to reinforce a Sqn there or to put the escort package together, I do not know.
    As I would like to reconstruct his last day, I am trying to put all bits and pieces together from both the Bomber and the Fighter escort mission together.
    So, if anybody out there could help me with details such as the escort and bomber Sqn involved, who provide front, high and low cover, timings, rendez-vous, headings, mission reports, incidents, etc I would be more then grateful.
    Any other links and additional information such pictures, etc would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance

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    This is an old thread and you may already have this information. But I have just watched a British television programme about the recovery of this pilot's Spitfire in Belgium. They reviewed information from the records about Ramrod 753.
    If you can find the programme which is called WW2 Treasure Hunters, you need to watch
    series 2 episode 4.

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