RAMC Aldershot 1941

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    My father Axel Richard Andersen Holmes, joined the RAMC on 7/1/41 at Aldershot.The photograph, I have assumed, was taken at some time in his early days training there. Prior to that he had been at Cambridge University studying either literature or medicine. It is not something he ever spoke about and he died when I was nineteen so I never thought to ask. I would like to find out more about those times. He was at Sandhurst for a time and later posted to India for the duration of the war. I am hoping somebody might recognise someone in the photograph.

    The lads on the photo right to left are as follows:

    Back row : Bishop, Axel, Bradstock, Brangham( Spider colonel), Button, Bradshaw
    Front row: Boulton(curly darkie), Bliss, Warren, Boyton W. (Bunny)

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    Thanks for sharing the photo and adding the names as well. I hope you do get contact from someone as a result.

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