Raiding Support Regiment (RSR) War Diary Dec 44

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  1. Skip

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    Hello all,

    Does anyone have a copy of the December 1944 RSR War Diary that they would be willing to share? Trying to ascertain what 'battle accident' they had at Orja Luke in Montenegro (listed as 'Jugoslavia') on the 12th, and it fact what they were doing there.

    As always any help much appreciated ...


  2. gmyles

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    Hi Skip

    I have the diaries (WO 170/1364 and WO 170/4825) but there isn't anything specific about a RSR battle casualty in Yugoslavia on or around the 12 Dec 44. The vast majority covers their operations in Greece.

    The only entry that could be connected is that on the 21 Dec 44, "Sgt Colligan was killed on FLOYDFORCE"

    The next entry concerning FLOYDFORCE isn't until 5 Jan 45 when it states "11/12 Tps 'E' Bty is returning to Italy from FLOYDFORCE".

    Googling FLOYDFORCE suggests this may be connected with operations in Yugoslavia.

    Hope this helps

  3. Drew5233

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    This files may be of interest:

    CAB 106/759 Yugoslavia: report on "Floydforce", British and partisan operations 1944 Oct.-1945 Jan; includes maps.

    WO 202/390 'Floydforce': signal traffic 1944 July - 1945 Jan

    Does 37 Military Mission ring any bells? The main heading for the WO 202 file above was 37 Military Mission and there's a lot more files under this title.
  4. Skip

    Skip Senior Member

    Gus & Drew - Thank you very much indeed. This is an excellent start point and very much appreciated.

    Yes, Colligan is the man I'm specifically interested in i.e. what he was doing at the time of his death and what was the exact accident he was involved in.

    ... looks like a trip to Kew is in order!

    If anyone knows anything further on Colligan please do get in touch.
  5. Skip

    Skip Senior Member

    Would anyone have the RSR War Diary for August 1944 that they would be willing to share - it would save me a lengthy trip to Kew


  6. Drew5233

    Drew5233 #FuturePilot Patron 1940 Obsessive

    I did have it Skip until I formatted a hard drive. I can give you a rough price at 10p per page if you want me to copy it for you. I can also copy the CAB 106 file as well if you like?
  7. Skip

    Skip Senior Member

    Thanks Andy - just had a look at your 'Click Here' page ... going to have a look at my list of 'wants' tomorrow and may well send you a list. Cheers
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  8. Drew5233

    Drew5233 #FuturePilot Patron 1940 Obsessive

    No worries - Just send me a message if you need anything copying.


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