RAF, US, Luftwaffe Fighter Command Claims & Casualties

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  1. Fred Wilson

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    Tony Wood and Jim Perry's "Home Page" still hosts a number of their documents.
    See: http://www.ww2.dk/wood.html

    But the Wayback Machine is not bringing up Tony Wood & Jim Perry's old lesbutler.co.uk (RAF, USAAF and Luftwaffe) Fighter Command Claims and Casualties website anymore.
    - pasting in the url brings a page stating the search is "robot text blocked"

    So to get these files you have to store the direct url, which still works:
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  2. Fred Wilson

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    Access to these useful files on the Wayback Machine may be coming to the end of its days...

    So I backed up all of Tony Wood & Jim Perry's Claims files in one of my Dropbox folders today.

    - including the two missing pdfs
    (The two missing Air Intelligence Captured aircraft files on lesbutler.co.uk were added to ww2.dk/wood.html )

    If you can't get them at some time, feel free to ask me.

    They are uploaded at: https://www.dropbox.com/home/anthony_fred_shared
    (PM or Email me at ASovereign at shaw dot ca and I will reply via my photodropbox at shaw dot ca using the dropbox invite process.)

    Tony Wood had terrible "naming conventions" for all these files. FYI - I renamed them to more logical file names.

    I asked http://www.ww2.dk/ if it would be possible for them to also recover and host the archived lesbutler.co.uk Luftwaffe Claims

    alongside their http://www.ww2.dk/wood.html

    Hopefully we will get an answer soon. (It was, originally, hosted there on ww2.dk )
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    Very kind of you.
    Perhaps you can post the links on the forum.

  4. Lindele

    Lindele formerly HA96


    yes please post the links.

  5. Fred Wilson

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    There are a ton of them there already, thanks to Tony Wood and Jim Perry.
    - They are all Word Documents cc as Pdf's. Dropbox folders are private to all but invited guests. So links will not work.

    My current project is to try to locate as many as I can of the missing USAAF and 1939 RAF Combat Claims and Casualties reports
    - and then add them to the same DropBox url... and eventually (hopefully) onto "Tony Wood and Jim Perry's" website: http://www.ww2.dk/wood.html

    So in the interim, just email me at PhotoDropBox at shaw dot ca
    and I will send you an "invite" to its folder. DropBox membership is free.
    It is quick and easy to download them from there.

    Note also:
    DropBox folder urls are private.
    So until I ensure there are no copyright issues anywhere with any of these I prefer to keep things the way they are. K?
    Copyright protection means everything to me. It has been and always will be a major focus of my work and play.

    Edit: DropBox url

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