RAF unit 5152 circa 1943

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    Hi everyone, I'm a newbi on here looking for any information on the above.

    Essentially I'm researching my Grandfather's service history, the information sent to me by the RAF details a temporary posting to 5152 Squadron in what looks like May 1943, however, I am finding it very difficult to obtain any information on the squadron or unit.

    The best I have managed to do is information on a Mobile Signal Unit of either 83 or 85 group who were involved in the Normandy landings, this was 5153... One out.lol

    My research suggests 5152 is a sub unit rather than a squadron as identified in the service record, I've approached the RAF Signal Museum, assuming 5152 could be another MSU, but they said they held very little information on the various units.

    Any information, suggestions, etc. Would be greatly appreciated.

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    5152 was an Airfield construction sqn . Within the Airfield Construction branch it was one of the specialist Mechanical & electrical sqns; this link will serve as your starting point for your research

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    I can't thank you enough, this is absolutely fantastic!

    How did you come to know about the ACB/the Web page?

    Thanks again,
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    Hi Mark I served from 1964 to 2004 the job and the hobby have overlapped many times. Keep us posted on what you find out.
    regards TED
  5. Nookx

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    Hi Ted,

    Yeah will do.

    Thanks again for the lead.
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    Mark..........I've just found this site and your post due to trying to find more info on my girlfriends father's posting to Iraq in March 43. Presumably your granddad and my man (now deceased) were at base at same time ? His name was Joe Brim. Has your granddad any info or photos from that time ? I have seen a couple of pics of groups of mates in Iraq but no recorded info. Would love to find more but a shot in the dark I would think now........ ? However I hope you found what you were looking for.
    Regards John.

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