RAF Station Clocks

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  1. RAF Station clocks had 12 coloured triangles red, yellow, blue. Can anyone tell me what their purpose was?
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    As far as I can remember they were used for fighter control during the Battle of Britain, the details I cant completely remember but I will find out if shortly if nobody else does.
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    This may help, I found it in my notes.

    Position reports of inbound raids were color coded according to a sequence of color coded five minute increments shown on those clocks. Keeping track of time/space was essential. Something like these aprons would have helped the WACs in the Sector Control rooms at places like Biggin Hill, etc., put the right 'time' markers in the right place on the big table map in the pit observed from above by the officers coordinating the intercepts.
  4. Many thanks Lee.
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    No problem, glad to help

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