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    Hi, I am trying to interpret the RAF units that someone I am researching served in. I have attached the screenshot of the units, but I am just unsure of some aspects of it.



    2RC - 2 Recruit Centre, Cardington


    7RC – 7 Recruit Centre, Morecambe


    RAF Thorney Island, West Sussex


    Police HQ -



    Stn Wilmslow – RAF Wilmslow No.4 School of Recruit Training







    Uxbridge NE – RAF Uxbridge



    106 PRC – 106 Personnel Reception Centre RAF Cosford


    104 PDC – Personnel Dispatch Centre, Hednesford


    I know that this man was a Japanese POW and his unit was SP RIMU, but there is no mention of it on the units. Also he is in RAF Uxbridge on 12/2/1942, how could he then have been captured in Sumatra just over a month later? I also cannot find any abbreviation for the "FF" in the reason column next to the RAF Uxbridge posting.
    Any help is appreciated.
    Thanks, George

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    H and HH in reason is Home Force and Headquarters Holding - everything else in Reason is either a file reference to a memo/signal or a column in a routine order such as POR (Personnel Occurance Report) - all documents long destroyed from the RAF Registry.

    29/08/41 is Far East and records the date his paperwork moved - he would have taken much longer to get there eg 3 months. So arrived just about the same time as Japanese Invasion of Malaya.

    Again the Uxbridge is a movement of his papers - not him. It simply means that he was posted from Far East Command as non-effective (missing/PoW/dead all the same paperwork pot WCAD - War Casualty Account Dept)

    Rather a lot of RAF movement records did not get filled in from 6th Dec and those that did or awaiting transfer by ship back to UK were dumped to allow the more important cargoes of personnel and equipment to leave the dock side Jan/Feb 42.

    Check the front page of the Form 543 - normally it records missing and pow

    SP RIMU is Service Police Radar Installation Maintenance Unit - an ad hoc formation that grouped the various radar bod together on the retreat back to Singapore Island - as a unit it left by boat but arrived at Sumatra a day before the Japanese invasion there and was captured virtually enmass.
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    Thank you Ross that explains it, much appreciated!
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    Ross, I just wanted to say how impressive that is - a real education. Nice one! :salut:
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