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    I have one of the original British Rupert parachute dummies from c.1944. The body is a sandbag style and the parachute is built into the back. I am curious to know about other surviving original examples.

    Hello everyone.

    Colin, is the parachute on your Rupert made from cotton?

    You are right in that the paradummy pictured in the earlier post was made specifically for the movie, The Longest Day (1962). They are collectible in their own right for that reason, but are not WWII. The burlap Ruperts are original (as based on period photographs) and were dropped on D-Day by the RAF along with SAS team members to make things more realistic for the Germans.

    Interestingly, there exists a photograph from the movie set of The Longest Day where both the movie-made paradummies and the original-style burlap Ruperts can be clearly seen. The original-style Ruperts are nowhere to be found in the actual movie however. It is believed that the general audience would have thought it a farce and totally unrealistic! Hence, the more life-like dummies were created. If I remember correctly, the life-like examples were made in France.

    A few crates of original, unused Ruperts were supposedly found in England in the 1980’s, but I have not been able to learn the specifics of that find. Most of the examples in museums and private collections apparently originated from this group. If anyone can tell me more about the details of this find, please send me a message as I would very much like to learn more about it.

    I have attached a photo of an original Rupert.


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    401 Parachutes, heavy duty, 8 ft. diam. C/w Hooks, snap (Reference 15D/192)
    Part No. CARD.300-1. N.S.S.O.
    Part of: APPARATUS, SEA-RESCUE, Type G (Naval store supply only.) still in use in 1961

    I have AIR PUBLICATION 1086 BOOK II SECTIONS 15A, 15C & 15D if anyone needs details

    Adelaide, Australia
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