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    I have a letter which my grandad wrote in June 1943 to my nan. I'm curious to know what training he was doing up there as the night he flew he was Mid Upper Gunner.

    Were Mid Upper gunners trained in Loissemouth? I've read elsewhere that the Mid Uppers and Rear Gunners were picked up later.


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    Unfortunatley he was killed a month later in July 43. Thanks for the link Andy, I stumbled across it last week and read the following paragraph it's ...
    a good read.

    """After leaving the Training Unit they would go to a Conversion Unit where they would pick up a Flight Engineer and a Mid Upper Gunner and convert onto four engined bombers before going to an operational bomber squadron."""

    I know he moved onto 158 Squadron but I'm not sure why he was in Loissemouth when he was Mid Upper gunner on the night. As above it states they pick up the Mid Upper and Flight Engineer at a conversion unit.

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    No. 20 was the only OTU to use Lossiemouth and flew Wellingtons to train night bomber crews. There was no separate training unit there for gunners who would have done their training at Air Gunners School before going to the OTU for crew up and training together as a crew.


    Peter / Eddie
  5. My Grandfather was part of 20 OTU and was stationed at Lossiemouth.

    Do you have any more information on the what exactly they would have been doing there. My Grandmother even moved there from Northern Ireland while he was stationed there.


  6. CL1

    CL1 116th LAA and 92nd (Loyals) LAA,Royal Artillery

    6 20OTU Lossiemouth Morayshire 01/01/41 Formed prior to 01/01/41. To 91 Group, 11/05/42.
    91 20OTU Lossiemouth Morayshire 11/05/42 Ex-6 Group. Disbanded 17/07/54.

    6 20OTU Elgin Morayshire 01/01/41 Satellite prior to 01/01/41. To 91 Group, 11/05/42.
    91 20OTU Elgin Morayshire 11/05/42 Ex-6 Group. Satellite. Disbanded 17/07/45.
    91 20OTU Milltown Morayshire 14/06/43 Satellite. Disbanded 17/07/45.

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