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    Hi all,
    I have my Grandad's RAF records but have been told that the service records on Form 3905 are restricted and not available to the public. Does anyone know why this would be, please? Thanks in advance.
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    I am afraid I cannot answer your question, hopefully someone will come along who can. The form is mentioned a few times on the forum, see search results:

    May find something there.

    It may also worthwhile phoning the office, I do know that the army records office is helpful so you may have some luck. In the case of army service records any medical records are not released, even to next of kin applicants, I wonder if this may be something to do with it. Hope you find your answer, and good luck.
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    That's great - thank you very much. I'll explore that thread!
  4. Blutto

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    Is this just because an original document had a 'Restricted' heading? That category could be used for more security reasons, but for privacy reasons if it contained for example, sensitive medical information that might cause embarrassment etc as mentioned by Tony56 above. I very much doubt that the category has any security relevance to released war time personal records.

    A previous thread has mention of form 3905:
    "3905 - A Supplementary Record of Service"
  5. Harry Ree

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    If Form 3905 is related to a charge,it might be included as a separate file....apparently some of the Form 3905 files are recorded as being destroyed.

    It appears that the form is supplementary to the main service record,then there might be a record in the airman's unit ORB...Operations Record Book as found for a RAF station or squadron etc.

    These are logs of operational detail including disciplinary matters and references and the latter might be available to the public.Looking at some wartime ORBs, some postwar transcribers for research omit the name of the service personnel involved but give detail of the charge.

    However postwar service,I have seen where such a record,reflected by a "posting" has been included in the main body of the service record.

    See contribution from mfwebb relating to Form 3905 as below.(It appears that exact detail on use of Form 3905 was not forthcoming from the RAF Historical Branch....further enquiries to them might give refreshed information on what the form covers)

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