RAF Fazilpur under construction 1943

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    A few photographs from an album that once belonged to an unknown member of the RAF. The album shows pictures of Calcutta and Darjeeling dating from January 1943 and a few of Fazilpur and Feni where the RAF were constructing forward bases for the invasion of Burma.

    Fazilpur and Feni once located in Bengal are now in the modern state of Bangladesh.

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    good day high wood advanced member,today.01:36pm.re:raf fazilpur under construction 1943.very interesting photo's.making use of local material,one can only wonder who took these photo's.thank you for posting have a great day,regards bernard85
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    Merry Christmas Bernard,

    unfortunately I do not know who took the photographs as the album is poorly captioned. There are some touristy type photographs of Darjeeling and Calcutta and one or two of RAF personal but absolutely nothing that would identify the original photographer.


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