RAF Duxford chaplain's account of Battle of Britain 'heroism'

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    Guy Mayfield was in his mid-30s when he arrived at Duxford and developed a rapport with the airmen. He wrote an RAF chaplain was the "one person who must not be shaken... must not drown his sorrows".

    A previously unpublished diary by an RAF chaplain reveals the "true heroism" of the Battle of Britain pilots.

    Guy Mayfield arrived at RAF Duxford in Cambridgeshire in February 1940 and wrote about being "robbed of comrades and friends" as the death toll rose.

    Imperial War Museum curator Carl Warner said his account revealed the airmen as "fragile, sensitive people battling the Luftwaffe and their own fears".

    The World War Two diary has been turned into a book.

    Chaplain's account of Battle of Britain
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