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    The mods over on RAF Commands have done massive work last year to tie together CWGC, AIR81, ORBs, newspapers, bmd indexes and forum posts into an easy to search database.

    Well worth a search for whatever your searching for

    RAF CWGC War Dead Query
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    Thanks Dennis for the plug.

    While several attempts have been made to put "Cause of Deaths" on the CWGC Database over the past two decades that CWGC has started hosting this data - I dont believe anyone has come close to doing what we have done on the site.

    The ground work has been already been laid by the members over there - Ross with starting the forum, late Henk Welting for starting the late Unaccounted airmen thread and several others including authors like Bill Chorley, Colin Cummings, James Halley for publishing various books on attrition and losses, and other websites (aircrewremembered, naa.gov.au, international bomber command etc) who have published similar data. My role has been coding the pages, and then bringing all the data together under one working framework (lots of midnight oil burned in manually transferring links serial numbers etc to the names).

    This is the first time that all that is coming under one umbrella - and the results are there to see.

    • 122357 records exist in CWGC DB related to commonwealth airmen. On our DB 70423 records (57.56%) have circumstances of death as of today. Roughly another 52000 to go.
    • 1939 , 1940, 1941 have over 90% coverage. Rest of the years are hovering at 50% each. I expect to knock 1945,1946 and 1947 out of the way first this year before focusing on the rest
    • The ability to have the database cross linked with RAF Serial numbers and aircraft types have allowed me to generate informative charts on geographical and aircraft type information. those can be seen here RAF and Commonwealth Air Forces War Dead (Courtesy CWGC) (and further filtered by year if needed)
    • The ability for researchers to filter results by aircraft type is another feature that has not been done on the net before.. eg... Gladiator fatalities or Hawker Audax fatalities
    There is still a long way to go - and we could really do with some help in speeding up the process. If there are members here, for whom this kind of work is a passion, i invite them to volunteer to help - please email admin AT rafcommands.com

    The data does not intend to store circumstances of the aircraft losses - but merely aircraft serial numbers and provides links directly to the sources should anyone want to find out more. (That way copyright is respected in almost all the cases).

    An example of a Chart showing casualities by aircraft wise. (This was 15000 records ago).. it has since then changed


    The CWGC War Dead is just one DB project there. Other projects include
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