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    Hi all,

    Has anyone here ever applied for an RAF Casualty Pack thats still held by the MOD? I understand that some are being processed by TNA but its taking forever to get to 1943 men.

    I cannot seem to find the process anywhere to track one down with the MOD, any help and advice would be most welcome.

    Kind regards, Daniel.
  2. RAFCommands

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    Apply to the RAFAHB

    "We provide information on RAF aircraft accidents which occurred over 15 years ago to members of the public in accordance with the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act."

    Air Historical Branch | RAF Live

    Request info and a serving officer will look at the file and decide what to tell you.

    Two caveats
    1. Answer may be file transferred and being redacted so not available for examination.
    2. Answer may be very limited if you are not NoK

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  3. dp_burke

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    What man or crew are you seeking info, there may be other routes?

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