RAF Casualty List?

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    There is a Casualty List for the Army which is on FindMyPast. Does a similar Casualty List exist anywhere for the RAF (and Navy)? I am looking for info on airmen (not aircrew) who were killed either in the invasion of Sumatra, Jave etc in 1942 or who died subsequently in captivity.

    Is there a 'Missing Men' file at Kew, as there is for Army Regiments in the WO361 series?
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    Not sure about specific RAF database / Missing Men files at TNA but if you go on the CWGC website and search for Java it brings up the following..... you can just filter the records to get to the 236 RAF specific records.

    Jakarta War Cemetery
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    For the RN not sure about Casualty Lists as in the style of Army ones. But there are comprehensive Registers for Deaths and Injuries of RN personnel within the ADM 104 Series. For WW2 they have been digitalised and are currently available to download for free from TNA.

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    Yes, the British Armed Forces and Overseas Deaths and Burials on FMP includes :-
    GRO War Death R.A.F. All Ranks (1939 to 1948)
    GRO War Death Naval Ratings Indices (1939 to 1948)
    GRO War Death Naval Officers Indices (1939 to 1948)
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    Thanks for your replies. The Casualty Lists are great because they show those missing, POW, wounded etc for the Army (altho not Indian units). Pity there doesn't seem to be anything with such a range for the RAF. But I'll try those on FMP.....

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