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  1. Hi,

    I am trying to find out more imformation about my father's service as a RAF Boatman in WW2. According to his service record he started as an Aircraft Hand at IBC Kidbrooke in 1938, moving to Calshot as Leading Aircraftman, then Pembrook Dock and then shown as Iraq 982 Sqad in May 1942, but does not state what position but think it also reads Marine Rep B... (A). Would appear he also was with 275 Wing (A) 980 Squad Port Said the same year.

    However I recall as a young child my father telling me he was in Durban but not mentioned on the service record provided by the MOD other than an entry which looks like HZ or HE or even JZ or JE before returning to Stn Mount Button in May 1945, discharged Sept 1945. However upon his discharge the booklet said he was a RAF Boatman.

    Can anyway give me any information or advice on how to proceed further?

    David Woodhouse
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    Hello. The best thing would be to upload the records if it is not too personal, so members can have sight of the abbreviations, then perhaps they can advise you further.

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    A is attached - means he was still on the strength of the previous unit but the new unit was responsible for messing/pay etc while he was with them.

    HE is the admin date he was posted to Home Establishment from his overseas (field) posting.

    You will find that most Marine Craft personnel in the UK were posted to an Auxiliary Squadron usually listed as a Balloon unit - this was for admin purposes rather than duties.

    Posting column does not give the position for any unit. This can be found by looking at his classifiaction/muster information for the period.

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