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  1. Hello,

    I have just joined this group and will be looking for information about my late father, Dennis Fortescue (RAF) and my late uncle, Patrick Fortescue (Royal Navy). Both served for over 30 years, including during WW2.
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    You will not find much online for D C Fortescue outside that he was a prewar entry, service number 590811, rose to Warrant Officer rank before being commissioned into the Accountant Branch as Pilot Officer, personal number 56845 21st June 1945.

    Your best source of information will be his service record, which you can get a copy from RAF Disclosures in exchange for a fee of £30, the MoD application for and a copy of his death certificate.

    Give both his service number and personal number as he will have two service records on file.

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  4. Many thanks! That is indeed my late father. I have requested his service record and look forward to receiving it. I had not realised that I also need to provide his personal number and will add that to the application.

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