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  1. flintlock

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    Does anyone know what B.P.C. N/E mean on my father's RAF record? It appears on the copy I received from Cranwell and shows under the "Unit" column for the date 7/4/45?
    Many thanks for any help.
  2. PeteT

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    N/E means non effective, which was used when personnel were unable to perform their duties (eg sickness / hospitalisation) [and they were posted N/E when they were killed].

    I am not sure on BPC; the PC could be Personnel Centre, but they usually had a number in front of them. Are you able to provide information on the postings shown prior to this so that we can get a feel for what he was up to at the time?


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    Hi Pete
    Thanks for your reply. I've attached a photo of my father's record I received from Cranwell. In case you can't zoom in on it I've summarised it below


    PCC/D1905 Disembark Continent 23/8/44
    MSU600/45 55072(CB) 17/3/45
    1137/45 B.P.C N/E 7/4/45
    888/45 Admitted to 54 MFH 9/4/45
    886/45 Transferred to 8 RAF Gen Hosp 14/4/45
    Transferred to 5 ???????????? 2/5/45
    109/45 55072 CB MSU 23/5/45

    I've placed the BPC entry chronologically, on his record it appears between Transferred to 5 ??????? and 55072 CB MSU.

    If you can zoom in on the attachment I'd be obliged if you could have a stab at deciphering the 5 ??????? etc.

    Many thanks again Pete.

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  4. 4jonboy

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    I think it says 5 Br (British) Convalescent Depot

  5. PeteT

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    The best I can do for you is "B.A.F.O. and B.O.A.R. Base Personnel Centre" (taken from National Archives site) for BPC with non-effective for N/E.

    This may have just been a paper posting to say that he was off the strength of his unit as he was ill and had been hospitalised.


  6. flintlock

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    Many thanks PeteT great help.
  7. flintlock

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    Thanks very much 4jonboy. I agree with what you suggest. I can see it now you've told me what it is!!

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