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    Good morning, this is my first post. I am researching F/O A.A.Frederick, a Flight Engineer who was killed when Halifax MZ912/Y was taken down by flak during a mission with 640 Squadron on 12/13 Sept 1944. I am piecing together this officers story from his apprentice days commencing in 1936 through his time in France up to the Dunkirk evacuations, finishing with to his sad death in 1944. Is anyone able to see if P/O Frederick flew any operational sorties during his time with 1652 HCU in 1942, I have been able to account for all ops flown with 158 and 640 Squadrons but have some gaps.

    Also, during his time with 158 Squadron he spent a short spell with Coastal Command (Oct/Nov 1942). Is there a way that I can check if took part in any sorties during this time.

    Any assistance will be much appreciated. Pete,
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    If you know the squadron number search on the National Archives website, the records may have been digitised, at the moment they can be downloaded free.

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    Thanks Mark, I have managed to download details for 158 and 240 Squadrons, but it looks as though the 1652 HCU details have not yet been digitised. Also I can’t find details of the Coastal Command operations from Beaulieu whilst he was there for Oct/Nov 1942.
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    Do you know the Squadron No.?

    The HCU I also cannot find, but there are ORBs for 224 Squadron which was at RAF Beaulieu in 1942. You need to scroll to the bottom to start 1942.
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    He was with 158 Squadron at the time of his attachment to Coastal Command, his pilot was probably Maynard Caplan. I can’t find any reference to Coastal Command operations in the 158 Operations Reports but they did send some aircraft and crews to Beaulien.
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    The 158 ORBs should give you details of which aircraft and crews went to Beaulieu, and the 224 ORBs may have corresponding details. Worth a look while they are free?
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    Thanks for the tip, I’ll take a look.
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    All I can find is this at the Archives, which I am presuming you may already have found
    1652 Conversion Unit. Formed at Marston Moor (UK) in January 1942. With appendices | The National Archives

    which will be a bound book of individual ORBS. Unfortunately trips to the TNA for me are not likely to be undertaken anytime soon, as there are some really tight restrictions in place and it would not be cost effective at all.

    It might be worth asking on the RAFcommands forum if anyone might already have the document.

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    What date was he at 1652 CU? The only Ops they flew in 1942 were the three 1000 Bomber raids on 1-2 June, 25-26 June and 31 July-1 Aug. His is not listed in the crews for any of these dates.
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    Thanks very much for the tip Andy, it is appreciated. All the best, Pete.
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    Thanks for the reply and the details.
    After P/O Frederick graduated from No.4 Technical School in the earlier part of 1942, he had a brief stint with a Heavy Conversion Unit (I assumed 1652), before he joined 158 Squadron I believe in early June. He flew his first operation with them on 25th July 1942. I have details of the 20 ops he flew with 158 but he apparently flew a total of 30 ops to complete his first tour in February 1943, so I am trying to fill in the gaps that were possibly with a HCU or during his brief detachment to Coastal Command in Oct/Nov 1942.
    All the best,

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