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  1. Hello everyone,
    I recently received my Great Grandfather's tracer card from the Bovington tank museum. There are some parts of it which I'm having difficulty reading, mainly the 2nd, 3rd and 7th line. I was wondering whether anyone may be able to decipher and of these abbreviations?
    I've already established that 'FDS' would be field dressing station.
    Many thanks
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  2. sjw8

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    Hi Bradley

    My interpretation of the above as follows (apologies in advance if you already know this) -

    18/4/40 – Enlisted (presumably initially posted to 1/5 Bn Lancashire Fusiliers).

    01/11/41 – Transferred to 108th R(egiment). 1/5 (Bury) Battalion Lancashire Fusiliers was converted on 1/11/41 to an Armoured role and re-designated as 108 Regiment Royal Armoured Corps (Lancashire Fusiliers). 108 Regiment was effectively a training and holding regiment and prepared troops for service overseas.

    20/12/42 – Per Order - 108/133/42 - he is allocated to draft RWOXA – this is a random code allocated to individuals and units for postings/movements overseas (e.g. UK to Middle East / North West Europe etc.). See link - http://ww2talk.com/forums/topic/50973-draft-recognition-codes/#entry597551

    18/01/43 – Per Order - XL/176/43 - he arrives Middle East (ME) as an unposted reinforcement (Xiv list) i.e. awaiting allocation to a Unit. (X lists (Service Records) )

    05/05/43 - Per Order - ME/RAC/1193/43 - Posted to 4 County of London Yeomanry.

    04/08/44 - Per Order - 4 CofL.Yeo/ 91/44 - admitted to 263 Field Dressing Station, and placed on the X4 list of 21 Army Group (21AG).

    11/08/44 – Per Order - 5 R.T.R./54/44 - Posted to 5 Royal Tank Regiment.

    01/11/45 – Per Order - 5.RTR/62/45 - Transferred to 49 Armoured Personnel Carrier Regiment.

    28/01/46 – Per Order - YL/E/347/46A - Transferred to Y list (ready for discharge).

    28/04/46 – Per Order - YL/7/1044/46 - Transferred to Z(T) Reserve (i.e. active service ceased but liable to be recalled to the Colours).

    Hope this helps
    Steve W

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  3. Chris C

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    Hi Bradley,

    I hope you don't mind a somewhat off-topic question but how long did you have to wait to hear back from Bovington with the tracer card?

  4. Hi,
    I went there in person. I booked an appointment at the archive room and went in the next day as I'm staying near Bovington at the moment.
    I was shown the tracer card in person, then emailed it later along with the war diaries.
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  5. Thank you very much for this. I managed to work out this morning what AG stood for and that is said army personnel carrier regiment.
    I didn't know about him awaiting to go into another unit.
    Thank you
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  6. SDP

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    Are you sure about FDS and AG? I thought FDS = Forward Delivery Squadron and AG = Army Group.
  7. He was placed on Y list so I'm assuming FDS is field dressing station. I've also been told on an army facebook page that it was field dressing station as I wasn't sure either.
    He was in the 21st Army Group
  8. Gary Tankard

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    A Field Dressing Station (or Advanced Dressing Station) was part of a Field Ambulance unit, not a unit in itself. I stand to be corrected but I don’t think was a 263 Field Ambulance.

    On the other hand 263 Field Delivery Squadron was part of 22nd Armoured Brigade of which 5 RTR and 4 CLY were also part.
  9. sjw8

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    Good spots SDP & Gary.

    On reflection, this would fit in rather that Field Dressing Station. I suspect the full service records would be clearer than the abbreviated Tracer Card.

    Steve W
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