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    My father joined the Essex regiment and when it became 153 RAC I have read that they were allowed to keep their original cap badges. When 153 was disbanded he went to 147 (the Hampshires) who had also been told that they could keep their old cap badges. When 147 was disbanded he went to 107 who had also been told the same.
    My question is when he went to 147 would he have had to get rid of his Essex badge and again when he went to 107?
    Did all members of the regiment have to have the same badge or were they continually being issued new ones?
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    Short answer:

    153 RAC provided an entire Squadron for 147 RAC which retained their identity. There are images with Essex capbadges being worn by their Squadron with one or two Hampshires intermixed later on in the campaign.

    Capbadge issue depended on what the unit got hold of, so there could be a (small) amount of variation, such as if Bakelite badges were issued etc.

    As for 107 RAC, can't currently say - but given the precedent set, seems very likely.
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    Have been poring over some old photos with a magnifying glass and it looks as though in 1942 whilst with 153 he had a mailed fist; in 1944 with 147 he had the Hampshire badge.
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    My Dad was in 147 RAC in 1944/1945 and he definitely wore the mailed fist badge, in fact I still have it.

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