RAAF (RAF) Barnaby B. Davies P-51K-5-NT Mustang IVa, ser.no.KH851

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    I am also searching for any other new information about one P51 that crashed near the house of my grandfather in ww2 (village of Kuretno, near Lasko, Slovenia, Europe). Pilot was Barnaby B. Davies (RAAF, RAF). My grandfather’s sisters help him to get a connection with Slovene partisans. He was saved and he survived the war, without beeing captured by the Germans. At the end of the ww2 he went home trough liberated town of Ljubljana (with New Zealand army), trough the port of Triest. I think he died in 1989. I have received a copy of his original report from Australia. That confirms everything I knew about that. Barnaby was s/d on 1st. April 1945, he was flying with 3 Squadron, RAAF, but under the control of RAF Command. His Mustang was a P-51K-5-NT Mustang IVa, serial KH851, US constructor’s number 44-11839.
    Does anyone have any other information about him or airplane.
    I have one peace of a propeler blade from that airplane and a plate from the carburetor BENDIX AVIATION CORP. WAYNE MICH. serial no.: 6.54137 A, Model PD18A2, Part list 395836-1, MADE IN U.S.A.

    Thanks in advance!

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    helo Marko
    could you post photos
    im sure you will get more info from forum members
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