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    Is there a nice potted history online somewhere re the deployment of the various Searchlight Regts in 21 Army Group? There are some quite detailed Wiki pieces, which seem to give the following;

    1st S/L Regt arrived in NWE beginning of 1945 and served in the defence of the Scheldt and Antwerp

    2nd S/L Regt in theatre by Nov44, located at?

    41st S/L Regt arrived in France Aug44 and deployed around Cherbourg, in the latter part of the year moving to positions around Brussels then out to the Scheldt. Finished the campaign in Germany

    42nd S/L Regt arrived in France ??? and took part in the defence of Antwerp, then?

    54th S/L Regt similar to 42 Regt?

    And on a related note, Wiki lists four Indep S/L Btys in 21AG, three of which became Moonlight Btys, with two more M/L Btys formed in theatre prior to the Rhine crossing. Were there any more?


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    Historic Steve Researching 21 Army Group/BAOR post VE day

    The following were in Germany post 8 May 45

    1st Searchlight Regiment RA
    1 Battery – 2 Battery – 3 Battery – 4 Battery
    Dec 45 – to UK

    2nd Searchlight Regiment RA
    5 Battery – 6 Battery – 7 Battery – 8 Battery
    Apr 47 – redesignated 84th Searchlight Regiment RA

    5th (South Staffordshire) Searchlight Regiment RA

    41st (5th North Staffordshire Regiment) Searchlight Regiment RA
    362 Battery – 363 Battery – 364 Battery
    Feb 46 – disbanded

    42nd (Robin Hood’s Sherwood Foresters) Searchlight Regiment RA
    Mar 46 – disbanded

    48th (Hampshire) Searchlight Regiment RA

    54th Searchlight Regiment RA
    411 Battery – 412 Battery – 413 Battery

    Research in progress
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