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    Photo of a RA unit at Clacton Dated circa 1940 . Number 55 on tilly with a ATS driver and MC.
    In background of the photo which features the 3 men in machine gun pit , there appears to be mobile radar equipment ?. Original photos from my collection.
    ra unit cl .jpg ra unit cl bike tilly .jpg ra unit tilly ats.jpg
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    The equipment behind the men with the Lewis gun is a searchlight.
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    Found this on the web. Might ? be this but what is the 55 on the car and bike.

    in common with other RE searchlight battalions, the unit was transferred to Royal Artillery in August 1940, becoming 28th (Essex) Searchlight Regiment RA (TA), and the companies were termed batteries
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    Tilly's rather lovely, isn't she ?

    I think there is a good chance that the round background to the '55' arm of service serial should actually be the ellipse allocated post-June 1941 to Anti-Aircraft Command but bearing in mind that they were instructed initially simply to overpaint the corners of a square sign, I can imagine that a circle might have been more easily obtained.

    It looks as if there were five AA and 3 SL Regiments in each Brigade and that '55' on red would have been issued to the senior AA Regt. but the lists are not completely clear.
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  5. morrisc8

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    One more photo from the same unit.
    ra unit men in trench jpg.jpg

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