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    I am not sure this is the best of the RA websites on WW2talk to air this. I have a couple of questions:

    1. Which RA units were based in Singapore in 1942 - especially in the vicinity of the causeway.
    2. RA personnel who escaped across Sumatra were evacuated to where? i.e. Australia or Ceylon (I think the majority of the Singapore escapees went to one or the other)
    3. Is there a comprehensive list ANYWHERE of RA personnel who were posted as MIA or presumed dead post the fall of Singapore?

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    It's probably more appropriate to say which RA units ended up in Singapore - the place was crowded with many units after the fighting retreat down the Malay Peninsular - or do you literally mean 'based in Singapore'? Sorry to sound pedantic but it makes quite a big difference.

    The schedule of MIA/KIA will be contained in many Casualty Lists produced at the time (sorry I don't have a direct reference to these but others on this Forum may be able to help.

    I suggest the FEPOW website could be a good source of information.

    I hope that helps
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    I assume from the phrasing of the original post that the question involves those units deployed in the neighborhood of the causeway at the time of the Japanese assault on Singapore Island. The 28th Indian Brigade held the ground immediately east of the causeway and the 27th Australian Brigade held the ground to the west. The Australians were supported by the guns of 2/10th Australian Field Regiment. The 28th Indian Brigade was supported by the 135th (Hertfordshire Yeomanry) Field Regiment, borrowed from 18th Division, and also by one battery of the 22nd Mountain Regiment. Anti-tank guns were also doubtless deployed in support as well, and for all I know there may have been AA guns in the area. Some of the coastal batteries could bear on the Causeway area too, though I have no idea which ones.

    Steve is also right about the FEPOW site. It has a whole page devoted to the British Sumatra Battalion, which consisted of all British personnel captured on that island.

    British Sumatra Battalion, roll and roll of honor:
    British Sumatra Battalion
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    Just to correct this is not quite true. It is true that the British Sumatra Battalion was all British (or nearly as there were two Australians) but it is certainly not true to say it consisted of all the British personnel captured in Sumatra. It was merely an identifying name for a party of FEPOWs (500) sent to Burma.

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    Casualty lists for MIA`s on findmypast .

    Presumed dead on CWGC.

    Save you looking Dominic Cunningham Casey doesnt feature, I`m sure you checked before as well ? :unsure:

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    Round and round and round we go
    please when you start a new thread
    just for the the very pleasant members on this forum please add you previous threads or keep it in one
    explain briefly the reason for your query like Tracing the impossible?

    Assume you are now trying to tie his name down to a list of RA chaps missing etc
    As suggested contact a newspaper the big locals run stories like this so try that or contact the foreign office ask for pointers

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    if his name was on a list whichever one he was using at the time and he had a service number one would assume the name and service number would be on it.
    Are you sure this is not one big family muddle through the mists of time
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    Thanks for the correction, I didn't realize that.
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