R.I.P.: Serjeant Charles Eagles 9 DLI & George Iceton MM 6DLI

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    What a fine looking Gentleman. May God hold you all, in the palm of his Hand. With his memory and deeds ever close to you. Rest in Peace Charles Eagles you richly deserve it. Very Fondest Regards to your Family. Ken Berry
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    Charles talks about his narrow escape with a German soldier here:

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    There is a series of 12 Charles Eagles interviews in this link: Charles Eagles | Soldier

    He was originally posted to the RASC and hated it, so volunteered for the Commandos. He passed the training and was waiting to be posted when he got injured, being hospitalised for 3 weeks. On leaving hospital he was told he could stay with the Commandos but would have to do the training again. He declined, instead going to the Infantry. He was asked which regiment he’d like to go to, he didn’t have a clue. He was asked where he was from and he said, Newcastle, so they sent him to the Durham Light Infantry. However, he wasn’t from Newcastle Upon Tyne, he was from Newcastle Under Lyme near Stoke on Trent.

    The interviews are full of anecdotes.

    Please note that, the interviews are subject to copyright and any use of materials therein - including reproduction for purposes other than those noted therein, including modification, distribution, or republication - without the prior written permission of Legasee Educational Trust is strictly prohibited. The link is provided so that you can individually view the Legasee interviews at your leisure.

    RIP Sgt. Charles Eagles.
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    We have also lost one of our last 6 DLI Veterans George Iceton MM a few days before Charles . George won won his MM in France in 1940 , he fought through the Western desert and was seriously wounded in Sicily , i am attending his funeral tomorrow and that of Charles in a couple of weeks .
    The two of them represent some of the last of the " Faithful " of WW2.

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    **R.I.P 4457030 Pte George Iceton MM Motor Transport Section 6th DLI****

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    RIP Pte. George Iceton MM.

    Here is an exchange from a good while back which includes information about George: 16th June 1940 ? ? ? ?
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