R A C. H Q. No1 m c c. Italy may 45 - unit help please

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    Cherrs for that steve , just looking myself and looked at date and its nearly same time as dad became a p /L C. ? If its connected. Bazz
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    Made connection wth that picture missed that, main interest is what no1 HQ m c c did in April. to dec 45 what function did they do? Cheers bazz
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    I think there is some significant information on the B103 commencing 14th November 1943 - attached.

    He is admitted to 8 CCS Feb 1944 and goes through the Casualty evacuation chain before being discharged from a Convalescent Depot 11th April 1944 followed by a posting from BNAF to MEF 20th April 1944.

    By 1944 BNAF is one of the often interchangeable terms for British forces in Italy (BNAF/AAI etc) having originally been the description for 1st Army Personnel in Algeria & Tunisia 1942/43.

    His posting to MEF suggests to me that he returned to (North) Africa - could’ve been Algeria, Tunisia or more probably Egypt where on his posting to 46th Recce 1st May 1944 he joined a unit that had been resting and training there after their withdrawal from Italy.

    There then follows an entry dated 12th June 1944 “Down B7” which I interpret as his medical category had been significantly downgraded.There follows an entry SOS X10(a) dated 22nd June. At the time 46 Recce were in the processs of returning to Italy but he appears to have been posted away as he was no longer classed as A1.

    There doesnt appear to be an entry showing him being posted back to 46 Recce. The next entry is the 1945 attendance at the MEF hygiene course - likely to be have been in Egypt.

    I appreciate you speak of him being in Italy and then Austria but my reading of his papers you have posted is that his “fighting war” with 46 Recce ended when he was admitted to 8 CCS in February 1944 and he remained on MEF strength from April 1944. I note he is classed A1 at his pre discharge medical in November 1945. Sadly MOD don’t release medical information.

    Obviously I can only interpret the papers you have posted and I stand to be corrected by other members.


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    The answer to your question about what the unit specifically did is to obtain a copy of the War Diary - but it will
    likely not mention your Dad. Several members on forum offer a National Archives look up and copying service at reasonable rates.

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    When dad was posted to m c c it says. X1. Witch is filling a vacancy. Already. New about b7 being down graded medical wise, on dads enlistmentenlistment in 1940 on medical deformity both feet, dont know on that one? But that information is great thanks very much steve great information. The connection must be after going down to B7 unfit for front line, period of rest and Qualifications,posted to HQ no1 M C C. And then promoted to P/LC. Thaks very much for filling in the blanks steve,noticed that about dads A1 on leaving army,but he got A1 on joining,with deformity in both feet ? Dont know. But did his bit bless him. Thanks again steve very much cheers Bazz
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    Just like to thank everybody on all forum's for the help I've received in researching dads war service. Not only have i found dads service in ww2,I've learned that all services gave their best to protect us in world war two and we should remember this. All nations fought and lost many people so we could have better lives. And freedom. Many religions all over the world came together then to save the world. Does it take a war to make people of all religions to work together don't think so. Why not know? Work together to build.a better world. Remember the past dont let it happen again. Yours faithfully. BAZZ
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    Steve you are spot on with date's for 46 recce, they were in Egypt and Palestine at that time 22/03/44 to 28/06/ 44 so your information is correct and good enough for me thank you for clearing thing's up. Please excuse any spelling mistakes in my post's. Cheers Bazz
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    My thinking at the B7 on dads service records was that dad stayed with 46recce or46infantry or X corps, and that no1 HQ mcc was part of one of these thats why I mentioned dad going back to italy for the second time and Austria cheers Bazz

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