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Discussion in 'Axis Units' started by Calvs, May 19, 2020.

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    Would anyone know if the 64th battalion had any involvement in holocaust or other related acts?

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    64th Battalion of what?
    There's a lot of units that might call themselves the 64th.
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    The 64th battalion of the Schuma
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    Yeah I know that about them. I wanted to know if that battalion could have been tied to the holocaust in any way or if they did other related bad things
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    Link above for the Division includes:

    "Known war crimes
    Soldiers of the division killed 39 civilians in Etobon, France, 27 September 1944 in retaliation of the support given by villagers to the French partisans. An additional 27 were taken from the village to Germany, of them seven were shot 10 days later. (1)"
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    More from the French perspective (en francais)

    Le massacre d'Etobon -

    Always remember, never forget,


    L'Allee du souvenir ETOBON.jpg
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