question about 1944 letter re anti-espionage actions against pigeons

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  1. (c) Crown copyright images reproduced by courtesy of The National Archives, London, UK
    Catalog numbers WO208/3562 #015, #016 are thumbnails below.
    This is correspondence between J.L Kleyn, Captain, I.O. and Major Brian Melland, M.I. 14 (d) about restrictions on pigeons in 1944.
    The enclosed report gives details on areas in which it was forbidden to keep pigeons and how 45,000 pigeons were evacuated from Belgian coastal towns. Kleyn suggests that Melland may want to pass on the report to M.I.6. There is also a reference to passing the report to T.I.S. and Soho.
    I began learning about the WW2 pigeons in January by watching “The War of the Birds” on youtube. I don’t know much about the British bureaucracy during WW2. What does Kleyn mean by T.I.S. and Soho?
    Also, what does P.I.D. stand for? I have been seeing that in pigeon service documents.

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    TIS Tactical Intelligence Squadron ?
    PID Political Intelligence Dept - a branch of the British Foreign Office
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    TIS could be Theatre Intelligence Section which was part of SHAEF I believe.

    The Political Intelligence Department was the cover name of the Political Warfare Executive. It was mostly concerned with propaganda to enemy and enemy occupied countries.

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