Query regarding Ranks - PLC, LLC, ULC, PLSjt etc

Discussion in 'Service Records' started by ClankyPencil, Sep 21, 2017.

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    I've just been going through a missing personnel file for 9th Bn Royal Fusiliers which contains a fair few nominal rolls of missing soldiers.

    Within the rolls there is quite a variation of Ranks listed.
    I assume any listed like A/Cpl and A/Sjt are 'Acting' Ranks, and those listed like W/Sjt and W/Cpl indicate 'War Substantive' Ranks; but the following Ranks listed are causing me some confusion.

    ASjt - same as A/Sjt ?
    LLC - is this a 'Local' Lance Corporal ?
    PLC - Lance Corporal (Paid) ?
    ULC - Lance Corporal (Unpaid) ? and if so why is it different than a LLC ?
    PLSjt - Lance Serjeant (Paid) or maybe Platoon Serjeant ?
    PL/Sjt - same as above ?

    Can anyone confirm the above or point me in the direction of Rank abbreviation list that covers these?

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