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    near seda my grandfather told me he was one of 20 drivers chosen to drive some lorries from alexandria on a mission of which the details weren't released. They drive 1500 lorries through the desert for 5/6 days to locations in a huge petrol convoy, no information was given about the destinations as they unloaded at several points in dumps with camouflage nets over, it was later found out that it was to supply the free french foreign legion from chad who had gone against the governments wishes and fought with the british army to push enemy back.
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    1500 lorries, thats a lot of petrol! Do you know the date this happened?
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    around 1941 from paps diary before knightsbridge
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    Sounds more like the French outpost at Bir Hakem just before the Gazala gallop in May/ June '42 - when Rommel finally broke though and gained Tobruk - Bit Hakem held out for longest and we lost the 150 Bde from 50th Division - never to be replaced -
    Auchinlek took over from Ritchie and led the 8th back to the Alamein line...
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    Unlikely given that his dad wasn't in North Africa until November or December 41. I'd go for Bir Hakeim, sometime March/April/May 42.

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