Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders of Canada of december 1944 - april 1945.

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  1. Help Please !!!

    Does anyone know where I can find the War Diaries from the Queen's Own Cameron
    Highlanders of Canada of december 1944 - april 1945.

    The Company was in Mook {Holland}

    thanks in advance !!
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    Have you check Project 44.......they have all the Canadian Units (day by day) and the appropriate war diaries for that day

    The Normandy Campaign — Project '44

    On the map, input “The Queens Own Cameron Highlanders”.......and you can move the date bar to the dates you wish, and on the side it will present the war diaries for that day

    Hope it helps

    Below is a screen shot of a random day I picked. Below is the “date bar” (you can move it to any date) and at the side is the War Diaries for that specific day

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    These might help.

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    You will find these war-diaries at Library and Archives Canada, This link will bring you to the requested War Dairies.
    From 1944 - 1945, scroll a bit because they are splitted in a few parts.

    Actually THE place for Canadian war dairies. BUT Stay focussed.

    You are looking for something specific in that area ?
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  5. Thank You, I'm looking for the Mook area.
  6. Thank you so much
  7. Thank you so much, this is what i'n looking for

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