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    Today I stumbled over your amazing site while I was trying to research some of my fathers experiences as a POW in Italy.
    Here is a little of his story.
    An Australian soldier who was captured in North Africa and sent to POW camps in Italy. First arriving in Naples, he was taken to Capua before being then sent to Sulmona. From there he was taken to Prato Al Isarco near Bolzano. After 3 months he was then taken to Gruppignano near Udine.
    Early in 1943 he was taken to Lombardy to work in the rice farms with names of Pattiva and Robborello which were near Vercelli.
    July 1943 he escaped and fought with the Partisans in the Aosta Valley for 18 months before escaping over the Alps into France with the help of a guide by the name of Dante.
    If anyone could help me with any information or names of contacts who may have had something to do with my father I would be very grateful. I hope to visit some of these places in September 2013.
    Many thanks
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    Hi "Queenie"

    Are you talking about George Henry Alford, the grandson of H K Alford of Toowoomba? My uncle was Robert Dudley Chisholm Alford. Many years ago he gave me an account of the experiences of GH Alford in Italy. These days I write family history books and I am presently collating all that I can on your father. I would like to contact you and try and get our family back together again. My email is "aurobcollins@gmail.com" . Kind regards, Rob
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