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    It would appear that the US destroyed all Troop Ship Crossing records in 1951. No one seems know why they did this, but there are no longer any records or passenger manifest for Troop Ships leaving New York for the UK.

    However, I have since received information during my research that seems to point to the Queen Elizabeth having left New York on May 4th and arriving in the UK on May 11th, which matches the dates that my Uncle would have embarked/disembarked. What I am still missing is positive confirmation from someone who would have either sailed on this voyage or next of kin of someone who would have revealed in their personal stories, the name of the ship. All the Canadian RCAF and Army troops only state they embarked May 4th in New York and arrived May 11th. I have yet to find the story of someone who has actually name the ship???

    If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated. There should have been 15,000 to 16,000 troops on this crossing - someone, somewhere must be able to reveal the ship's name?
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    Do you know what unit your uncle was in? Perhaps through the unit's history, you can find the name of the ship. Also, May of what year?
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    If the link works, it should show the Queen Elizabeths movements 1940-46.
    From the excellent convoyweb site.

    Arnold Hague Ports database

    Edit link takes you to search page, type ships name to get her movements. Queen Elizabeth left New York May 5th arrived at the Clyde May 11th 1943.
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    You are hopefully aware that the mere fact of the QE sailing on the queried date is not, in itself, conclusive proof that it carried your uncle - as it could still logically have been any ship in that convoy. I'd therefore recommend taking TheFonz' advice to factor in his unit in order to resolve that remaining ambiguity.

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    The QE often sailed alone, due to its impressive speed. On the dates I mentioned in previous post the QE did indeed sail alone, single ship Convoy AT42
  6. Red Goblin

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    The QE often sailed alone, due to its impressive speed.
    Righty ho. Fair do's & thanks. I've clearly got a lot to learn about atypical ships!
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    If you ever need info on ships, convoyweb is a must!
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    ... single ship Convoy .
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    Thank you for the many suggestions on confirming the Queen Elizabeth crossing. I already was aware of the Arnold Hague Ports Database. However, I was hoping for one more definitive confirmation because another source had the QE somewhere else. I was able to get a DOUBLE CONFIRMATION at last. From the UK National Archives I was able to order a copy of the SHIP MOVEMENT CARD for the Queen Elizabeth which supports and confirms the Hague Database. In addition, I finally came across a story of Albert Williston who's story states "Williston left New York, on board the Queen Elizabeth, bound for the United Kingdom, and arrived at NO. 3 PRC Bournemouth eight days later". This matches perfectly my Uncle's dates and the mystery is now resolved.

    Thanks to everyone with your helpful input.
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