Q. re "E.W.I.P", Edgar W I Palamountain, author of Taurus Pursuant

Discussion in 'General' started by Old Git, Oct 11, 2019.

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    Can someone remind me who Palamountain served with in 11th Armoured, was he Divisional HQ staff? Alos, does anyone know what year he actually died? I think it was about 1988 but the old memory isn't what it once was. I probably have all this is notes somewhere but sometimes it's easier to just ask than to go searching through past notebooks!
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  2. Old Git

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    Not to worry, found him on folloing list, scroll down this list to Palamountain and you'll find some info on his time with 11th AD. He died in 1990 (so his book is still in copyright for another 51 years) and left a son and two daughters. AFAIK, his widow, Eleanor, was still living in Steeple Aston in Oxon, in 2001 when she was still only 81 years young!

    Looks like he was a 'drop-short' before going over to 11th AD HQ Staff in 1945


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