Pvt Jack Anderson Wilson - 124th Gen. Hospital, Camp Ellis, ILL

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    I'm doing some genealogical research on a WWII vet by the name of Jack Anderson Wilson (b. 8/5/1920, d. 2/4/1982). Wilson served in the U.S. army between Jan. 1944 and March 1945. His rank was private, and he was stationed at Camp Ellis in Illinois, where he served with the 124th General Hospital Unit. He was sent to Mitchell Convalescent Hospital at Camp Lockett in Southern California in February 1945. He was born in Canton, Ohio and later moved to Newland, North Carolina. He eventually wound up in Los Angeles and also lived in parts of Central and Northern California, as well as Medford, Oregon.

    I realize it was a long time ago, but I'm posting this on the off chance there are folks alive who may have served with or known Wilson. Any memories or assistance would be greatly appreciated.

    Below is a photo of Jack Anderson Wilson taken in 1960. Thanks in advance!


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