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    Had a quick look through a couple of German language internet sites but nothing substantial appeared

    The facility was opened in 1935 where newly recruited Panzer crews were trained in basic tank gunnery skills

    However study of the on line Lexicon der Wehrmacht indicates there were no Panzer units recruited in the Lubeck area only the 30 Infanterie Division

    In Summer 1945 Putlos, indeed the whole Fehrman Peninsular north east of a line from Neustadt to Lutjenburg, was part of Wehrmacht Prison of War Area F, with a Guard Force provided by 80 Artillery Brigade. Subsequently the facilities may have been used for continuation training by the Armoured units of 11 Armoured Division based in northern Schleswig Holstein. Between Autumn 1948 and April 1953 the range facilities were definitely used by the Norwegian Brigade also based in roughly the same area as well as British units from further south.
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