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  1. Trux

    Trux 21 AG

    Who knows where I can find a copy of the Purple Primer, in any format and/or condition?

  2. idler

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    IWM and AWM have one. Kew only lists a 'supplement' under WO 33/1183.

    Haven't checked Bovington or LHCMA yet, or tried all combinations of mechanized/mechanised and armoured/armored!
  3. Trux

    Trux 21 AG


    Thanks. I have the relevant War Establishment tables for 1927 onwards, courtesy of Aixman. I do not know if these are the same as those in the Purple Primer but it is the latter that is always quoted.

  4. Vintage Wargaming

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    Is anyone aware of anywhere you can find the text of the “Purple Primer” (Mechanized and Armoured Formations by Broad and Lindsay,1929) on line?

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  5. idler

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  6. idler

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    Nothing is impossible, apparently...

    MAAF MF sm.jpg

    Much as I'd love to be a smug git and say I got them for a fiver, I haven't been that lucky.

    The captions from the Supplements have been added as appendices, along with the identification of the vehicle types as far as possible. I decided not to try to license the Supplements' photos from Kew. The indications were it would get rather uneconomical.

    Colour matching by post was, as you can see, a bitch. My excuse is that the final purplier hue will be a better match for expectations. As POD titles, I suspect they're going to vary a bit anyway.

    They are available exclusively from Lulu in an attempt to balance global availability and price.

    The links below appear to point at the UK site, so it might be better to go to www.lulu.com, let it regionalise itself and then search them out:

    Mechanized and Armoured Formations 1929

    Modern Formations 1931
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  7. Vintage Wargaming

    Vintage Wargaming Well-Known Member

    Thank you SO MUCH for finding (doing?) those and posting that.
  8. Vintage Wargaming

    Vintage Wargaming Well-Known Member

    My copies arrived today. Not sure when I will be able to read them but looking forward to it
  9. Vintage Wargaming

    Vintage Wargaming Well-Known Member

    Mike, have you seen this thread:
    Purple Primer

    1929 and 1931 books both now available for pint on demand on Lulu

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  10. Trux

    Trux 21 AG

    Thanks very much Idler and Clive. I will see if my technicalskills are up to obtaining them. Just in time for winter, or Christmas.


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