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    It's probably been mentioned elsewhere, but the former public tanks outside the D-Day museum in Portsmouth are now aboard the LCT there.
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    If anyone is visiting Pakistan , there was a M47 on display awhile back.

    Mishal, pictured reporting from Abbottabad

    Found that photo here.
    'Your tribe need to behave like proper English children': What BBC's Mishal Husain was told by shopper in supermarket ~ News Conner

    The Indians also have a Pakistani M47 on display.
    Bengaluru: Gems of Bengaluru: Tale of the tank (

    The captured M-47 Patton Tank from 1965 Indo-Pakistan war

    also A day in the life of a tank: The last stand | India News,The Indian Express

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    I did a tour of American Civil War battlefields during the summer and passed this Stuart in a small town in Virginia. Can't remember the name of the town - it was somewhere between Five Forks Battlefield and Appomattox Court House (possibly Crewe?). Never seen "Non-Combat" on the side of a tank before.

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    Couple of photos I took two years ago on Belgrade Fortress. All these tanks, and lot of artillery pieces, are on public display there. Unfortunately quality of photos is not great.

    IMG_0309.jpg IMG_0312.jpg IMG_0314.jpg IMG_0315.jpg IMG_0317.jpg IMG_0318.jpg IMG_0319.jpg IMG_0320.jpg IMG_0325.jpg
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    VFW symbol on turret. It was probably outside one of their chapter headquarters.

    Might be of interest to the forum that most of the tanks in front of American Legion and VFW buildings in the US are on long term loan from the government. The Army sends an officer out every couple of years to make sure they are kept painted and rust free.

    I'm guessing the guys selected for the job are not on the fast path to higher command

    The Veterans of Foreign Wars of the U.S.
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    Canadian Sherman @ Doetinchem, Netherlands

    MIL1002-02.jpg MIL1002-03.jpg MIL1002-06.jpg
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  8. Marco

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    Cromwell @ Antwerp, Belgium

    MIL1005-01.jpg MIL1005-04.jpg
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    Not too bad looking replica French WW1 Schneider tank @ Chemin des Dames, France.

    MIL1007-02.jpg MIL1007-03.jpg MIL1007-04.jpg MIL1007-05.jpg

    ps. Hadn't seen that Owen beat me to it by 4 years (post #99)
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    Memorial now also contains an AMX20

    MIL1007-07.jpg MIL1007-08.jpg MIL1007-09.jpg
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    A virtual trip around the Vale of Evesham ( courtesy of Google) brought back memories. Long Marston Camp near Stratford on Avon, Long Lartin (HMP) once a POW camp run by Canadians (I think) the satellite view revels rows of Nissen huts next door. Honeybourne Airfield once a Canadian? Wellington Bomber Airfield, Ashchurch a large Army storage facility still sports a tank at the gates. (See attached) Google Maps

    Up the M5 then come off for Defford Croome Court (National Trust) > Visit Worcestershire with its RAF Museum. Throckmorton Airfield, Tiddesley Wood Rifle Range near Pershore.
    Cross the Severn at Worcester past what was Norton Barracks to Malvern for the Radar and HMS Duke sites.
    67th Field Regt RA (TA) The Headquarters and 265th Batteries were based at 24, Southfield Street, Worcester, the 266th Battery was based at Clarence Road, Malvern where there is a blue plaque on the wall of the now defunct site.

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    2 not tanks before anyone mentions it.
    Hämeenlinna, Finland .
    Outside an army surplus shop.
    (Not the one I got my new hat from.)

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