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    My Grandfather served from 1938 till 1946 and on his service card it shows that he was posted to India and was attached to HQ Special force Which I am led to believe was the Chindit force. I do not really understand what his service record is telling me or if what i have found out is correct. also if anyone has any pictures of the men of the Essex Regiment As I do not have any pictures of my Grandfather.

    Any help gratefully received.

    I have attached a copy of his service record


    Richard Fitzgerald

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    Hi Richard,

    HQ for Special Force was at Gwailor in Madhya Pradesh. Wingate opened Operation Thursday from there on the 25th October 1943.

    I've bumped this post back up to the top in the hope that someone with better Chindit 2 knowledge might add some more information for you.

    Best wishes

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    Thanks Steve, any help is really useful as I do not understnad the abreviations on the service record and cannot seem to find anywhere to explain them to me.


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    Thanks lesley, that helps ot make sense of some of the postings, is there a way of finding out which actions the 44th & 56th columns were involved in as the Essex regimental site does not give an details


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    Just received a letter form the MOD Medal Office confirming that my grandfather was awarded

    1939-45 Star
    Burma Star
    Defence Medal
    War Medal 1939-45

    I now know that he was definitely in Burma and now really want to find out what he did when he was there, can anyone help?

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    Have you tried speaking or contacting the Burma Star Association - just a thought

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    Hi TD yes i have spoken to them and they are going to put a piece in the next issue, and I am going to visit the National Archives in a couple of months.... when I get time just wondered/hoped if anyone had already done some research or had served with the Essex Regiment and might be able to help me.
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    Thanks Bamboo will give them a try as well

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