Pte Freddie 'Dixie' Deane, 10th Battalion Parachute Regiment: RIP

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    Pte Freddie Dixie Dean one of two surviving members of 10 th Battalion Parachute Regiment who jumped at Arnhem passed away on 30th July .
    .Freddie was part of the MMG section and was wounded and captured at Arnhem.
    His pall bearers consisted of a Major General a Colonel 2 Majors (all ex members of 10th V..Bn). a Corporal and his Grandson .
    A Fitting send off.
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    The Story of a Young Para at Arnhem
    Screenshot 2020-08-13 at 10.34.39.png

    Who Were The Aero Girls? - Artists - Frederick Deane - - Digital York Showcase (Library & Archives, University of York)
    "In the 10th Battalion 1st Airborne Division The Parachute Regiment, Frederick Deane was nicknamed "Dixie Deane", after the Everton footballer who famously scored 349 goals in 399 games. Deane was seriously injured, then captured at Arnhem on 19th September 1944, and was treated at a Dutch hospital in Enschede. He was held as a prisoner of war in Stalag VII-A, Mooseberg near Munich, Germany until the end of the conflict, and reflects on his captivity in resolutely upbeat tones. Fellow inmates, Deane says, were "outrageously funny" and the nurses, who would regularly sneak in snippets of BBC news for the British soldiers were "marvellous." He says that he could often be found "sketching in the camp" or "teaching English" to a friendly Russian soldier."
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