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    Hi everyone. Frank Downs was my father. He served with 26th British General Hospital. He was captured in Athens on 28.4.1941, moved to Stalag 8b the following October, and was repatriated two years later. I'm always looking for pieces to add to the jigsaw I have been putting together following his death and was recently privileged to visit Lambinowice in Poland - or Lamsdorf as it was called before and during the war.
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  3. Jane Cassidy

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    Nothing specific for now, Clive, just introducing myself before I look round the forums. I already have his service and ICRC POW records.
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    Welcome to the forum Jane
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    Thanks very much Clive. I’m sure I will find the forums very interesting.
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    Hello and welcome to the forum Jane.

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    Thank you Lesley.
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    Hi Jane

    There is some interesting background and details to the repatriations in 1943 that I think your father would have been involved in, although basically the details onthis site are more ANZAC than British, what they went through and how the repatriations were performed remain the same
    Chapter 10 - Red Cross Repatriation | ANZAC POW Free Men in Europe

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  10. Jane Cassidy

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    Thank you very much both of you. I will do that, Bill. Tricky, some good detail there. A lot of the information I have gathered has come from Anzac sources, particularly the New Zealand Electronic Text Collection and the 2/5 Australian General Hospital websites. I have my father's Red Cross records so have confirmed he was repatriated via Gothenburg. I believe he came to Liverpool on the hospital ship Atlantis but that is unconfirmed.

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