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    Evening Rose?,
    Nearly completed scanning the book that I've mentioned. Just adding the page numbers & some other maps. Will chat about war diaries over the weekend. The first picture is somewhat different. Brilliant if you ask me.:cool:

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    As far as I'm aware, there was little time for taking photographs once the war started in earnest. I have a couple of group shots of the sergeants of the 2nd Battalion before they returned overseas but nothing of the whole battalion.

    There is nothing to stop you having a browse through the Northamptonshire Museums Flickr pages but it mostly shows the 1st Battalion in India during the inter-war period.

    Search: northamptonshire regiment | Flickr
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    Brilliant thank you, I shall await your email. :)

    Evening Rich, I did find the address for museum and have suggested to my partner we should take a visit and have a look, I wasn't aware of this site, I shall take a look now, Thank you
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    ⦁ 4 July 1943
    X(ii)* | Disch(discharged) 103 genhosp (Chateaudun, Algeria, Africa, general hsopital) to 4 bn(Battalion?) 11 rtd (return to duty) | v?faster?(re posted?) X(iv)* j?es 4? |

    Me, Again :) .. Does anybody recognise what this may be? to No.4? ! carry? X4 ( which I now know to be medically fit )

    Kind Regards
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    It means he was posted to Number 4 Transit Camp - on being discharged from hospital - pending return to his unit.

    No idea where that camp was.

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  6. Owen

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    Number 4 Transit Camp

    103 GH
    Then 4th Battalion 1 Infantry Reinforcement Training Depot

    No.1 Infantry Reinforcement Training Depot - location?

    103 1 itrd.JPG
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    oh! brilliant! Thank you Steve,

    Thank you Owen, that makes more sense, do you have any idea what the last word may be please? I see "posted x(iv) .. ?
    Kind regards
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    X lists (Service Records)
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    Thank you dbf, I'm aware of the X(iv) or X4 depending on who wrote the entry and that it means medically fit for service,

    It's the word that follows it that I'm confused over?

    From what I can make out it reads:
    Posted to X(iv) Jes4
    but jes4 doesn't relate to anything from what I can find searching anyway, so I wondered if anyone else could decifier what it means please?

    Kind regards.
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  11. dbf

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    The word is "List"
    Screen Shot 2018-10-12 at 09.23.41.png

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    Oh dbf! What a numpty I am! Ha ha -all this different handwriting is confusing.


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