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    Well just returned from an incredible few days in Italy. Emotional, at times painful but without a doubt a trip I will remember for the rest of my life.

    28 years ago I made a promise to my Grandfather that one day I would visit the grave of his brother 11265767 Private Albert McGann of the 2nd/7th Queens Royal West Surrey Regiment. The kind of off the cuff remark you make when you are 12 years old!

    On Monday the 6th of September I was 40 years young!

    I flew out to Italy on the 7th and on the 8th of September I stood next to Albert's final resting place 60 years to the day. He was killed in action on the 8th of September 1944 in Gemmano one of the fiercest battles in the long and distinguished history of the Queens Royal Regiment.

    Even now I am a little lost for words so here are some of the pictures I took. Special thanks to the Sindarco (Mayor) of Gemmano Mr. Luciano Colombari and the people of Gemmano and the Historian and noted author Mr. Amedeo Montemaggi who presented me with a copy of his fantastic book "Gemmano the Cassino of the Adriatic.
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    Here is another few.
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    The Sindarco Mr. Colombari, Author Mr. Montemaggi and me at the Gemmano memorial.
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    Then Suddenly it all becomes clear the reason why Gemmano was so important.

    How about this for a view of the Adriatic coast, taken from right next to the war memorial.
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    Then finally two very poignant images. From family knowledge and having spoken to the locals the first is almost certainly the place where Albert was killed in action on 8th September 1944. Then secondly the peace of Gradara War cemetery his final resting place taken on 8th September 2004.

    Rest in peace Albert.

    Great Nephew Paul.
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    What a great story, from my trips to Sicily I know exactly how you felt in meeting an obligation made so long ago. It is so good to see people interested in the Italian campaign - so often a forgotten struggle.
    Incidently we share the same birthday (just add 27 years!).

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    Glad you were able to make it. Sounds like a great tour, and thank you for sharing the pictures.

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