Private Leslie MARGRIE, 5499737, 1/6th Queens Royal Regiment, Killed 22 May 1940

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    I've split this out from my main service book thread to see if I can find and more info

    Private Leslie MARGRIE, 5499737, 1/6th Queens Royal Regiment (CWGC has 16th Battalion), 44th Division, Killed 22 May 1940.
    CWGC :: Casualty Details
    The Battalion was in action on the Escaut Canal up to the 21st May when they broke off the fight shortly before midnight.

    Private Margries Grave (found online)
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    just dropped a line to Andy to see if he can add more

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    Thanks for that, I've cross posted to his War Diary lookup offer, so fingers crossed.


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    I did indeed get the group from Ebay, I dont remember it having such a full write up of the general situation with his unit at the time (my memory isnt great at the best of times), I should take a copy of that and add it to my file.


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    If his date of death is accurate then he is one of two killed on that day-I would look to match his burial site with the diary to confirm it:
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    Thanks for the scan, looking at the CWGC site there look to be 10 more men of the Battalion killed that day, so its possible he was one of the 2 killed by the shelling, but also possible he died of wounds from the previous fighting - I imagine some of those who died that day had been captured wounded but as Pte Margrie's paybook was recovered and returned to his family it would seem he was amongst British forces when he died.

    Thanks again

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    Hard to say-CWGC shows 10 from the battalion killed on the 22nd May. I would look at what cemeteries are close to the war diary location-It may give you a clue.

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